Your health is in my focus

Focus on the individual

You are in my focus. I will consider all possible holistic treatments as a first line of treatment. The first appointment, without being interrupted, typically has a duration of one hour. I am going to look after you as a family doctor, or according to my specialization, in conjunction with your general practitioiner – tailored to your individual needs. Your symptoms and sorrows will be considered and taken seriously and your evaluation will be thorough.

Our services at a glance

Dr. med. Nadja Mey

My name is Nadja Mey. I studied medicine in Marburg and Köln and I am board certified in internal medicine. I regard internal medicine as the profound basic care of the internal body. There are several additional areas that I have studied, and qualifications that I have obtained, that I feel complement internal medicine very well. These include natural hormone therapy, naturopatic medicine, acupuncture, nutritional medicine, mitochondrial medicine, and supportive psychotherapy. Due to my wide area of expertise and training, I am able to develop an individual treatment plan, using a multifaceted approach, for balancing your body and its needs. I use both – school- and natural-medical knowledge. Sometimes in combination, to best treat each patient. I am very comfortable speaking both German and English.

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“My credo: Away from symptomatic – towards causal medicine.”

The practice

My practice in the heart of Meerbusch-Büderich is a pure private and self-pay practice with a holistic focus. In the sense of “integrative medicine”, I combine conventional medicine with other procedures from complementary medicine.

I see the people who come to me as individuals and treat them holistically, and this intensive care for my patients takes time accordingly.

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Orthodox medicine and complementary medicine – hand in hand