Hashimoto Thyreoiditis

Hashimoto's thyroiditis is an inflammatory autoimmune disease.

The so called “hashimoto thyreoiditis” is an inflammatiory autoimmune disease, which – in special cases – can only be diagnosed by specialists (radiologists or endocrinologists). In the beginning the thyroid function rises, then it goes back to normal and loses its function in the long run, because autoimmune antibodies destroy the organ. There are cases of hashimoto without antibodies, and that makes it difficult to find out.

The therapy with thyroid hormons helps in most cases, but not always. Some patients still are chronically tired, lose hair, have dry skin and so on. In this case there are some complementary treatements which could help against the symptoms and to lower the antibodies against the thyroid.

In case you have a treated hashimoto thyreoiditis and still have problems I can offer you one hour for a first consultation in my practice.

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Yours, Nadja Mey