Irritable bowel syndrome / food intolerances

Do you have the feeling there is food you do not tolerate?

Are you getting tired after your meal and your digestion does not work correctly? After several examinations containing lactose- or fructose/sorbit- intolerance testing, gastroscopy and coloscopy an often diagnose is the so called “irritable bowel syndrome” and with this some patients feel like left alone.

In this case additional examinations could be helpful to look for a dysbiosis or a leaky-gut-syndrome. If the boarder in the intestine does not work correctly and immune cells get into contact with food, for example milk protein, special antibodies are build against this milk protein and your body reacts with abdominal pain or digestion problems after consuming milk products.

That can be treated and after some time there won’t be problems with milk anymore.

If you have unclear problems with the intestine I can offer you one hour for a first consultation in my practice.

Please contact me, I will be happy to advise you.

Yours, Nadja Mey