I am a specialist in internal medicine with almost 20 years of professional experience and set up my own practice in 2017.

What makes me tick

My inquisitiveness and ability to think outside the box. I don’t settle quickly, but look for other ways when things don’t seem to be going any further.

This motivates me

The joy of the job and the firm belief that anything is possible. There is nothing that doesn’t exist. The field of medicine is such an infinitely large one. Healing begins in the mindset. If you become aware of this, doors suddenly open that were not even visible before – even more so with the right medical support on the side.

This shapes me

An important free spirit in my life, who has always made the impossible possible, was my mother, the internationally active artist Rafat. I owe my open, curious view of the world and all facets of medicine, as well as the beauty of life itself, to her.

Highlighting waypoints

  • Gemeinschaftspraxis für Ganzheitliche Medizin (Drs. Petersohn/Sütfels), Düsseldorf-Oberkassel
  • Department for paraplegics, Witten-Herdecke Community Hospital
  • Department of Pneumology, Dr Kullmann, Kliniken-Essen-Mitte
  • Department of Integrative Medicine and Naturopathy, Prof. Dr. Dobos, Kliniken-Essen-Mitte
  • Department of Internal Medicine, Dr. Haas, St. Martinus KH Düsseldorf

Additional qualifications awarded by the Medical Association

Naturopathy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, nutritional medicine, homeopathy (in further training).

Additional qualifications

Nature-identical hormone therapy, mitochondrial medicine, orthomolecular medicine, mind-body medicine, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy.

Member in

German Society of Internal Medicine, German Acupuncture Society, Hormone Network, German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians, German Society of anti Aging Medicine.

Regular lecturing activity

Germany-wide lecturing activity since 2016 on the topic of “Bioidentical hormone therapy”.

My philosphy

Life is precious and health is a gift worth preserving. Therefore, prevention, i.e. the prevention of diseases, is very important to me. Because you can certainly set the course before something happens.

If you already have complaints or are burdened by an illness, a holistic and comprehensive search for the causes and a targeted treatment can often bring about a significant improvement. Even in difficult cases – for example, when complaints are diffuse and unclear, cannot be attributed or have existed for a long time. Or even if several organs and parts of the body are affected.

The human being consists of body and psyche and reacts to irritations in a very complex way. Complaints can appear in a completely different part of the body than the actual causal disease. And often the diagnosis is like detective work that requires time, patience, extensive training and a thorough eye: I often start where others give up, and I see that as a challenge.

My commitment